The Nursery Set-Up

I’m just bring over some pre-birth posts from an old site. Feel free to have a look at how we set everything up!

With baby Gracie getting ever closer, I thought it would be fun to go through our current Set-Ups. We will look at the Nursery, Travel System (pram), Cloth Nappies, Changing Bag, and Baby Toys. Once Gracie has arrived we’ll do a look back and see just how under-prepared we really were.



We wanted a nice, light coloured room in a sort of Scandinavian style. As we started the nursery before we knew the gender we stuck with gender neutral colours, specifically going with light blue, white, and grey, as well as allowing for natural wood tones.

Not having a particularly large house we tried to be as conservative with our space as possible, making sure that we got our cot, changing table, and wardrobe in, and fitting anything in around those.

The first thing we bought was our Baby Box from the Baby Box Company. We knew that as long as we had then whatever else happened our little girl would have somewhere to sleep. Originally we were planning to move the box around the house as we needed it but since then someone from our church kindly donated a Moses basket which has been set up downstairs, so the Baby Box is now sitting in the cot.



The cot, changing table, and shelves are from Ikea. Reasonably priced and sturdy, we didn’t fancy breaking the bank on these items. That said I am very happy about their appearance and think they suit the rooms colour. What I particularly like is that the changing table has lots of little hooks and trays to (hopefully) make the changing experience easier. We opted to use  the bottom shelf to display our Cloth Nappies. We’d toyed with the idea of placing them away but actually preferred the idea of being able to select what nappy you wanted, especially as our nappy stash is made up of different brands.


We spent a little more on the wardrobe. From the moment Mummy spotted it she knew that we had to have it for the nursery. By Mama & Papas, it is from the Lawson range which blends together white and wood in the perfect rustic combination. Like with the changing table, what we liked about the clothes rail is that we are able to see of the different outfits that we could put on Gracie. We spend so much time, and energy (and money) on picking out clothes for our baby, we just wanted to be able to see them. The flat bottom of the rail also gives you space for more storage, lots of people opt to use it for blankets, or shoes, but we decided that it was better suited for the small army of soft toys (shout out to Lotso, Rex, Elmer and Stitch).

So with the big set-pieces out of the way, we decided to pick up bits and bobs as we found them. As mentioned above we purchased our shelves from Ikea, and they have been perfect for displaying books and soft toys.


We also found a lovely small set of house-shaped shelves in a shop called The Range. These were absolutely perfect for filling in some empty wall space that we had above the changing table. We filled one with our Disney Tsum-Tsum collection, and the other houses Boris the Bear (I have been told the rainbow llama cannot live on-top of the house and he has since been moved).

Wanting to inject a little more colour into the room, I picked up lovely thick rug from Flying Tiger Copenhagen (which is sort of like Ikea, but for tat, and it has to be one of my favourite shops). As you can see from the picture below we also swapped out the cots handles for some brightly colour animals, also from Tiger.


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