The January Round-up

So let’s take stock of how our first month of trying to go green went for us:

What went well:

  • Perhaps the most important thing we achieved was moving over to reusable wipes. We’d bought these before Gracie was even born but had been hesitant to pull the trigger on using them. We were idiots for waiting so long, they are simple to use, and clean up souch better than disposable wipes.
  • Following the second round of Rotavirus immunisations we have kept Gracie in her cloth nappies and just adjusted our clean process slightly rather than use disposable nappies. Following the first round of vaccinations we used disposables and the quantity of waste was just ridiculous.
  • We’ve started using a local butcher and green grocer for food, hoping to reduce the carbon footprint of our shopping and cut down of waste food. The butcher was great value for money, the green grocers less so.

Still to do:

  • We are going through the last of our stock from before we decided to go green. Things like washing up liquid and detergent can take a little while to get through.
  • We are looking at buying some reusable sandwich and food bags next month when Mummy returns to work.
  • We are slowly increasing the amount of organic clothing in Gracie’s wardrobe, but as she has been growing quite rapidly we’ve had to buy a few things out of convenience.

Right that’s everything I can think of. We’ll see you all in February.

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