Close Caboo DX+ Baby Carrier Review

We always knew we wanted to do some baby wearing with Gracie, and when she was small she was perfect for our Kanga Wrap. By the time she was 3 months old she weighed a whopping 16lbs and I was struggling to find a comfortable wearing position with her, in particular I found it slipped more for me than for mummy.

With this is mind I set out to find a carrier that support Gracie, my back, and that wouldn’t slip. After some research I settled upon the Close Caboo DX+. Despite being quite the mouthful, the DX+ offers several things that influenced my purchase. Firstly, the DX+ has a back support, a wide area where all the straps begin. These sits just lower that your shoulder blades and helps spread the weight.

Secondly it uses lots of clips. This may sound stupid, and it certainly can take a few attempts to get used to, but it does mean that Gracie is held securely in place. Owing to the clips Gracie doesn’t slip out of my comfortable carry position. While this does mean you have to readjust the caboo occasionally to account for growth, I think the positive outweighs the negative.

Finally the caboo offers slight padding for Gracie, as well as an adjustable headrest that can also be removed for newborns. This offers Gracie some form of protection, as well as providing her with a comfortable sitting position.

Bonus points for the carrier coming in an awesome rusty orange option that I just couldn’t resist.

The Caboo DX+ has mostly been used so far as a way to take Gracie into town, grocery shopping, and for wearing in Church. Despite hitting the 16lb mark, this Caboo is comfortable wear, and I’ve found that I quickly forget her weight once she’s settled.

Around the house the carrier has been useful fir getting small bits of housework done, although this tends to be a little awkward as Gracie does form a bit of a blind spot, especially when it comes to washing up.

The Caboo DX+ also offers other features, firstly it claims that it can be used for discreet breast feeding but as she’s bottle fed I cannot attest to the use. Finally the sling can also be used to carry your baby on your back, something I look forward to doing when Gracie is a little bigger.

So I absolutely love this carrier, it looks awesome, protects Gracie’s head and neck, and it makes her very easy and comfortable to carry. In short I’d highly recommend the Caboo DX+ to anyone looking fir a carrier for their larger baby.

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