zee.dog Lead and Harness Review

When we decided that we were going to get Pixel, we wanted to pick up a few things before we got him. Specifically we wanted to get a collar, a lead, a harness, a bed and some bowls. The majority of these things were easy enough to get a hold of but we quickly realised that the vast arrays of leads and harnesses on offer were down right boring. Then, one day, while browsing a pet shop I spotted a brightly coloured harness that really stood out to me, it was unique, it was the first time I encountered zee.dog.

Originally gaining recognition on the crowd sourcing site Kickstarter in 2010, zee.dog promised to bring a sense of style and individuality to dogs and their owners. Since discovering zee.dog, Pixel and Dora have acquired a number harnesses, including their matching leads.

Vest Harness

Pixel’s first harness was a vest-styled one, in the eye-catching Stardust design. This is Pixel’s best looking harness and also the most comfortable, one that he can wear all day if he is out all day for a walk or just out somewhere where he needs to remain on lead or harness.

The chest piece is made of air mesh, a soft, breathable fabric that gently spreads the pressure of pulling evenly across the chest. The D-ring is also located further down the back, away from the sensitive neck and throat. However if your dog is prone to pulling, this harness does require regular tightening otherwise the straps can loosen slightly over time, and a savvy dog (like Pixel) might be able to take advantage and slip free. This however is a fault on my part rather than the harnesses.

The greatest weakness of this harness is the matching lead. Although the lead is light weight and comfortable to use, the lead is very easy to mark.

Step-In Harness

In addition to his vest harness, Pixel also had two Step-In harnesses in the Driver and Skull designs. Less comfortable than the vest harness, these two allow for greater control over Pixel, the pressure is not spread out through a chest piece, so its not as easy for him to pull. Easy to put on, these harnesses fasten at Pixel’s shoulders and has two D-rings, one on each “side”, that prevents the harness from pulling or rubbing unevenly.

The problem with these Step-In style harnesses is that for awkwardly proportioned dogs, like Pixel the lurcher, they can rub. After some adjustments we got them to fit but we need to keep an eye to make sure these harnesses do not rub.


As mentioned previously, Pixel and I are big fans of these leads. They are comfortable, light weight and with a solid, easy to use clip. The leads are available in two sizes, one for small and medium dogs and one for larger breeds. Two small rubber zee.dog logos (a rather fun looking cartoon skull) are proudly displayed on the leads, one that sits just below the handle, providing a comfortable place to hold, and one logo just above the clip.

zee.dog the Company

I would happily recommend the zee.dog leads and harnesses because they look good, because they are comfortable and because they work, but there is more to it than that. zee.dog is more than just about fun and good looking products, they want to make a difference too. For every lead sold, money goes to the Dogs on Deathrow charity, and it makes me feel good supporting that. I love this company not just for their products (further zee.dog reviews will be coming up), but for their ethos, they care. Pixel just loves to look good.

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