Charlie Banana Review

We are reviewing all the different brands of Cloth Nappies that we use. Our previous reviews are:

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Before purchasing any cloth nappies, we did what anybody would do when face with a potentially large spend, we researched. In the hope of narrowing down what we wanted from our cloth nappies we purchased a tester pack that contained three of the larger brands, one of these was a Charlie Banana One Size nappy.

Robot Girl Pattern

Now during our research Charlie Banana had rapidly become one of the forerunners for a brand that we were likely to use. We’d watched videos, and we’d read things online. We liked that they seemed easy to use, that there were not too many poppers on the front, and we absolutely loved the bright designs. I was delighted when we received a Charlie Banana nappy in the tester pack. We immediately went about putting it through its paces with all the enthusiasm of soon to be parents. We liked these nappies a lot, and ultimately only went with a different brand at the time due to their cost.

What we liked:

Firstly, we have to say we loved the colours and designs. Bright and bold, many Charlie Banana nappies are statement pieces that you wouldn’t really want to cover up (roll on summer). One of our favourite nappies is the pink coloured one with robots, it just stands out amongst our already bright collection.

As of 4 months old we’ve had to deal with a fair number of nappy leakages but as of yet Charlie Banana has been leak free! We tend to use both inserts at all times with Charlie Banana and they hold up well for your standard 2 to 3 hour nappy stint.

As with many popper nappies, Charlie Banana is great and fastenings in a way that is perfect for Gracie. It is easy to adjust how you fasten these nappies as your baby grows but this leads us into something we don’t like…

What we didn’t like:

Most popper nappies allow you to control the “length” of the nappy by a series of poppers on the front, however Charlie Banana have opted to use elastic that can be loosened inside the pocket. This is just so incredibly fiddly, the first time we needed to adjust the nappy in this way it took us 15 minutes to get it right. And because these nappies use elastic it is difficult to ensure that both straps are loosened off equally, and while not particularly damning, it does bug Daddy.

Most pocket nappies have their opening at the back of the nappy, and while we’re not sure of the benefits or drawbacks of this, the fact that Charlie Banana put the opening at the front throws us right out. The number of times that the Charlie Banana nappy has been sworn at is actually staggering as we’ve set it up the wrong way round mid change.

In conclusion…

There are certainly many benefits to the Charlie Banana one size nappies, but some of the small things certainly make us think twice about buying more of these nappies. That said I would highly recommend them for there absorbancy and style.


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