The Childhood Tag

I have been kindly awarded The Childhood Tag by The Mulberry Bush. Thanks for tagging me, here goes!

  • What were you not expecting/not prepared for before becoming a parent?
    • Something that really caught me off guard was how many nappies you have to go through in a day. We use reusable nappies and I’ve just be left shocked at how many would have gone to the landfill.
  • What is your main piece of advice for new parents?
    • Seriously, and do mean seriously, consider using cloth nappies. Ask anyone who uses disposables about the dreaded “poo explosion”, and then find someone who uses cloth and ask them the same question. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Right, done?  I would put money on those who use reusable saying that it never happens (or at least extremely rarely). Sure there can be a learning curve to using cloth but they are serious worth the investment, if only to avoid poo all over your precious baby clothes.
  • How do you encourage family time at home?
    • We are a busy family but we find family in a few places. Firstly we don’t have any seats or bouncers that get regular in our house. We have one large play matt, and we sit next to our girl on the floor. It means we play with her, keep her entertained and most importantly it allows her the chance to build up her core strength. Secondly we play with her at bath time, we take a break and just enjoy the time with her. Finally at bed time I’ll get our little girl and read to her, usually my daily bible readings, and then something from one of her books. Recently we’ve been reading Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls because you are never to young to dream big.
  • How do you balance being a blogger with parental duties?
    • I wish I could work this one out. I spend a lot of time writing when she is napping, or at 3 in the morning when she’s settling down in my arms.
  • What was your favourite toy growing up?
    • I think there is only ever going to be one answer to this, I love Lego!
  • Have you kept any of your toys from childhood?
    • Lego! I must have box after box in the attic of my parents house, ready for when Gracie get’s a little bigger. In the future I plan to make a little DIY Lego table for her and I cannot wait.
  • What are your children’s favourite toys?
    • Gracie is rather partial to her Jellycat stuffed toys. They are extremely high quality and come in a variety of textures that she loves to put in her mouth.
  • Do you actively limit the amount of screen time your kids have?
    • Not really, she is young and certainly loves the TV (I am proud to say she is fond of Star Wars!), however we actively limit our own screen time and often have the radio or music playing.
  • How do you reduce plastic waste in your home? – Reusable bottles, buying wooden toys, avoiding excessive food packaging, etc.?
    • I am extremely lucky in that I have the time to go to Green Grocers and Butchers which means we don’t get excess food, and very little plastic packaging. I have a glass bottle that I use to ensure that I am never without a drink, and I also carry a reusable coffee cup at all times. Now that Gracie is beginning to pop things in her mouth I will be investing in some wooden chew toys.
  • What advice would you give to parents who want to start blogging?
    • You don’t have to sound fancy, or even be particularly witty or insightful. you just need passion. A passion to write, a passion to spread the word about what you do with your child, and a passion to help others access the things you love.

Tag you’re it! Since The Mulberry Bush created this tag and they passed the tag onto me, I am going to continue the game by tagging: diaryofazombiemum and My Girls & Me xo.

Join in and share around – you’re it!

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