Dealing with my “dad-bod” 

I still vividly remember what it was like when I was 18. I could eat as much fast food as I liked without damaging my flat stomach. I was never what you’d call small, but I wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination.

And now here we are over a decade later with two beautiful daughters and 20 to 30kg more on my belly. It is so easy to gain weight when you’ve got little ones, convenience food is exactly that. By 7pm I’m often so worn out that a quick dinner and a bag of chocolate is all I can manage.

I’d managed to lose a lot of weight before Gracie was born getting my BMI into overweight rather than obese but I’ve let things slip a little since then. 

My overall goal is to get down to 70-odd kilos (I’m starting at 110kg) which should put me into my ideal BMI zone, however my first target is to get my BMI down under 30 which will take me out of obese.

I am hoping to manage a large part of this through controlling my diet better. Sadie and I are currently doing as much walking as we can to help her rebuild her stamina after Margot, so through monitoring my diet more effectively I should be able to shift some of the weight. 

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