Our Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is slowly creeping closer, and for once I am excited to say that we’ve basically finished our Christmas shopping!
In honour of this monumental feat I’m putting together my gift Christmas gift guide for 2018!

Before we start off, I think it’s important to say that you should always try and shop local if you can, it supports the independent shops where ever you may be and can also cut down on your carbon footprint of anything you might buy.

This is a list of things we’ll be getting our daughters this Christmas. We put a lot of thought into what they might enjoy. All told we’ve spent around £180 on the girls (we’ve most of that being split across the grandparents and funded by sellering stuff during a clear out).

Wooden Animals

Unsurprisingly we are big fans of wooden toys, and this includes wooden animals. While there are lots of great brands out there, our girls are small so we currently favour Lanka Kade. These animals are chunky, and extremely solid meaning they are far from fragile. While these animals are available in bright child friendly coloura, we actually prefer their natural non-painted styles. There is something beautiful about the simplistic natural style. We actually purchased two reindeer for this years present and they differ due to the colour of the wood used which adds to there charm. 


I love Ned, the little wooden robot-person made by Rudi and Bear is just adorable! If you follow the eco-friendly parenting accounts Instagram then no doubt you’ve seen this charming guy. I’d been petitioning Sadie for a Ned for a while, and now we’ve got two coming this Christmas (admittedly one is for me). This characterful toy is perfect for home or throwing in your bag as a travelling toy. 

Wobble Board

A wobble board is a large curved piece of wood that your child can rock on, climb over, or over wise play with. They are the perfect thing for open play. There are many brands out there but we went for a Creatimber as it was perfect for our price range. They come in a range of styles, decorations and colours but ultimately they all do the same thing. The Creatimber board is capable of holding up to 330kg so this toy is sure to last. 

      Tuff Tray

        These large trays are the perfect thing for small world and messy play.  Available in a wide range of colours from most online retailers, you can find all kinds of interesting inserts from maps, educational pictures or mirrors. 

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