The Go-Away Bird

The Go-Away Bird (written by Julia Donaldson & illustrated by Catherine Rayner) is a story about an anti-social bird that keeps sending away any other bird that comes along and tries to make friends with it. Ultimately the Go-Away Bird realises that they need friends, and that they don’t actually want to be on their own.


If you’ve read any Julia Donaldson books before, and odds are you have, you’ll find the familiar rhythm and rhyme that can be found in all her stories. Sometimes I have found her prose a little awkward to read, however the Go-Away Bird flows easily even on your first read. The cadence of words and phrases, especially where the repetition of words fall, reminds of Monkey Puzzle.


The illustration by Catherine Rayner are where this book really stands out. Rayner’s beautiful watercolours are so charming and full of charisma. Each bird is brought to life in splashes of colour.


Would I recommend it?

I would absolutely recommend “The Go-Away Bird”, the story is one with a deep and meaningful message, while the illustrations are eye-catching and fun.

This book would be perfect for any toddler, this is a must have for anyone who loves the work of Donaldson & Rayner.

You can get The Go-Away Bird here!

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