If you’re looking for a whimsical books about owls, then do I have the book recommendation for you.


Mopoke by Philip Bunting is a very simple book, based around a simple premise. With little more than a few words on each page the story is easy to read, and most importantly, engaging. It starts with the phrase “This is a mopoke” and the whole thing quickly devolves into absurdist chaos.

The writing is basic, but fun. I enjoyed reading this book as much as my babies enjoy hearing it. Sometimes I need to read a children’s books a couple of times for me to find the rhythm, but with Mopoke I found it in the first read. This book, however, lacks any real story or message. I wouldn’t say that this is a bad thing, as the writing is relies upon the illustration, and couple together they just work.


The art work is where this book really shines. Each “This is a…” phrase is paired with an equally amusing picture. Full of character, these pictures always get a smile out of my daughters.

The book has black pages so each illustration pops off the page. This also helps the book stamd out; in a world of bright rainbow colours there is something quite nice about this books minimalist presentation.


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Would I recommend it?

I’d absolutely recommend this book and have done so, especially if your children are around the year mark. Simple and fun, the book is a regular during our daily reads, although the lack of narrative means it doesn’t often end up as our bedtime story. Given the quirky nature of the book it just seems to me that it lends itself to given as a gift.

You can get Mopoke here!

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