New Green Products & Going Vegan for May

Evening all! I hope you’ve been enjoying the fleeting spell of sunshine, I know Gracie and I really made the most of the weather.

In our quest to get greener we’ve picked up two new products today,first a block of deodorant, and secondly a shampoo bar.

I picked these lovely items up from Lush as I have been eyeing them up for a long while now but have had to wait patiently for our current bits and bobs to run out (sometimes being green means being patient unfortunately).

I am really excited to give these things a whirl but for the moment all I can say is that they smell absolutely amazing! Here is hoping that they will allow us to ditch plastic bottled shampoo & deodorant for good.

Mummy and I have been discussing ideas on what we can do to continue our push to be green. Eventually Mummy suggested that we have a vegan month, to which I (semi-reluctantly) agreed to. Starting next Tuesday our vegan month begins proper with the aim of not only reducing our need for meat & dairy products, but also to encourage us to cook more vegetarian and vegan meals in the long run. Ethically I have little issue with eating meat, I grew up in the West Country and have worked as a butcher & fishmonger, but I am aware that we too often rely on these things in our meals when we really don’t need to.

Next Monday I’ll kick off with our meal plan posts again, and will keep you updated on how we are doing! For now I am off to prepare for our church’s weekend conference.

If you have any great vegan recipes then we’d love to see them, please post them in the comments section. See you guys soon.

Teething is the worst 

Haven’t posted in a while. Things have been pretty busy, Mummy was on half term and we decided to spend time with each other, and our family. This invold us jumping on a train back to Kent. 

Since I’ve last posted Gracie has had two teeth cut through, and it looks like 3 & 4 are rapidly approaching. It’s been nothing short of exhausting, and I just desperately hope we’ll get a reprieve once these have cut through.

Here’s hoping we return to a semu-regular posting schedule. 

The Snow Update 

There is nothing more likely to drive me crazy than being forced to stay indoors. And following the extreme (at least for Somerset) snow that we’ve had yesterday and today, I have to admit I was getting a little short with people.

We managed to get out yesterday morning once we knew the schools were closed which was nice but once we were home the snow really began to pile up. By the evening I was wishing I could get out and stretch my legs.

This morning I managed to get out for a brief walk. I went around Wellington and took a few photos. I’m feeling much better now but I do feel a little bad that Gracie hasn’t been out but it’s just not safe to carry her.

Hopefully tomorrow it will clear up enough to get her some fresh air. Until then we’ll just keep her wrapped up warm with us.

The January Round-up

So let’s take stock of how our first month of trying to go green went for us:

What went well:

  • Perhaps the most important thing we achieved was moving over to reusable wipes. We’d bought these before Gracie was even born but had been hesitant to pull the trigger on using them. We were idiots for waiting so long, they are simple to use, and clean up souch better than disposable wipes.
  • Following the second round of Rotavirus immunisations we have kept Gracie in her cloth nappies and just adjusted our clean process slightly rather than use disposable nappies. Following the first round of vaccinations we used disposables and the quantity of waste was just ridiculous.
  • We’ve started using a local butcher and green grocer for food, hoping to reduce the carbon footprint of our shopping and cut down of waste food. The butcher was great value for money, the green grocers less so.

Still to do:

  • We are going through the last of our stock from before we decided to go green. Things like washing up liquid and detergent can take a little while to get through.
  • We are looking at buying some reusable sandwich and food bags next month when Mummy returns to work.
  • We are slowly increasing the amount of organic clothing in Gracie’s wardrobe, but as she has been growing quite rapidly we’ve had to buy a few things out of convenience.

Right that’s everything I can think of. We’ll see you all in February.

Immunisations round 2

Today is Gracie’s second round of immunisations. While these shouldn’t be as bad as the first lot (as we won’t be having Men B), however we are still preparing for a long night. We considered using disposable nappies for the next two weeks as the rotavirus vaccination is “live”. However after a little bit of research we’ve decided to keep her in cloth, and just handle our wash cycle with extra care. We already wash our nappies with napisans which acts as a disinfectant.

We’ve made sure that we’ve got plenty of calpol to battle any fevers, aches and pains. I’ve also been looking up some shows to watch while I’m on my baby soothing shift should we need it.

See you all on the other side.