Gracie’s First Shoes

Nothing hammers home how quickly your little ones are growing up as going shopping for their first shoes. It’s not something that we’d been putting off, but we didn’t want to buy anything until Gracie really needed them. On an unreasonably hot day in June we went to Clarks.

We wanted to get her a pair of pram shoes, or cruisers. These are soft soled shoes that allow a babies feet to safely develop while they are not walking unaided. We are extremely lucky to live near a Clarks shoes outlet store, so the whole family made a day of getting shoes. We got her feet professionally measured before spending some time browsing the shoes. Eventually we settled on two pairs, a more traditional pair, and a pair of trainers that sort of mimic Converses.

Look what arrived in the post today!


We received a number of packages in the post today, and I couldn’t be more excited! The majority of the swag is from Little Green Radicals, we got a hat, one long sleeve, and one short sleeve top, two lots of leggings, a romper, and a pair of dungarees. We absolutely these pieces, they are bright, beautiful, and importantly unisex so reusable should we have a second baby.

We also received a pair of second-hand pink leggings by Fred’s World. Rounding out our swag, we got a 5 new Little Lamb two part nappies to replace the set that we’ve been using at nighttime as Gracie has basically outgrown them! These new nappies have their main liner sown directly in so that will be interesting. Once we’ve used them a couple of times we will post a review of the whole Little Lamb range.

Our new baby clothes haul

So at a little over three months old, our baby girl weighed in at a sizable 16lb (or 7.2kg if you are like me). Her 3 to 6 month clothes hasn’t fit in quite a while so we’ve had to buy lots of 6 to 9.


As much as we try to buy our clothes from organic sources, sometimes time, and money, have limited us. Sometimes we end up buying standard clothes to bulk out our collections, especially when she’s outgrowing her clothes so quickly.

We picked up these long-sleeved vests from Sainsbury’s for £8 or £9. Technically from their boys range, we thought those colours complimented the rest of her clothes, and we saw no reason for it to be gendered. We adore that mustard/yellow colour on her, and find that it pairs well with most of her leggings. Mummy has also been pushing me to put her in some more monochrome clothes, so the black and white, and grey vests will start that off well.

We also recieved a knitted care package from Gracie’s GG.


We got a lovely collection of headbands for Gracie, as well as a rainbow coloured knitted hoodie that just perfect for her to wear in her pram, or in the sling.