The Day Before Veganism

So here we are, the day before we go vegan. It’s weird when I was younger I’d have felt nervous about it, but know I’m actually quite excited. Yeah I have a few things that have been playing on my mind, for one I am pretty addicted to Chocolate Milk so I’m anxious about finding an alternative. Finding pages that list accidentally vegan products have helped, especially knowing that there are plenty of biscuits available for me to eat makes me very happy. The only thing that is going to hold us back is that we live in a town that’s barely bigger than a village so finding alternatives to meat and dairy might be a bit of a struggle.

Now I’m going to be honest, we’re going green because we feel compelled to by God. We wanted to live up to the role of stewards that was given to us. We’ve just got back from our Church’s European conference and I have to admit it really made me think about a few things, and it certainly has stoked my excitement, especially if it gives me an opportunity to spread the Gospel through it. The event has rekindled a passion in me for green living, and I’m excited to see how far we’ll go.

February’s eco-friendly products

It’s a new month so we are trialling a few new product in our house. Each product thus far has recieved light usage so can’t speak of anything conclusively.


First up we bought an Ecoegg. These strange plastic egg shaped things are used to replace washing detergent. We purchased a 54 wash egg which supposedly lasts an average family 3 months. We opted for one with less washes incase one of us had an allergic reaction (thankfully we all seem good).

After the first wash we were a little unsure, our clothes didn’t smell dirty, but they didn’t exactly smell like lavender either. Regardless we stuck with it and the second load smelled much better. We assumed that the water dissolvable lining that was in the Ecoegg took a little time to break down in the first cycle. Since then we’ve been extremely happy, and the Ecoegg even seems to take on our cloth nappies well.


We’ve begun the process of swapping out certain mainstays of the house with more ecofriendly products. This month we’ve picked up a lavender hand-wash and camomile & clementine washing up liquid.

Both of these have impressed us, they smell fantastic, they lather well, and particularly the washing up liquid, seems like it will go a long way.

While these products typically cost a little more than the “standard” counterparts, we picked them up while on offer in Waitrose.


The final products that we’ve picked up this month were the E-Cloth general purpose cloth, and washing up pad.

The general cloth seems good, we just wet it and off it goes. The wash pad is actually amazing. The cloth side does wonders on dried on foods, while the non-scratch scouring side has got my cast iron pans cleaner than they’ve ever been.

That is all for the February update, I’ll see you all again at the round up!

The January Round-up

So let’s take stock of how our first month of trying to go green went for us:

What went well:

  • Perhaps the most important thing we achieved was moving over to reusable wipes. We’d bought these before Gracie was even born but had been hesitant to pull the trigger on using them. We were idiots for waiting so long, they are simple to use, and clean up souch better than disposable wipes.
  • Following the second round of Rotavirus immunisations we have kept Gracie in her cloth nappies and just adjusted our clean process slightly rather than use disposable nappies. Following the first round of vaccinations we used disposables and the quantity of waste was just ridiculous.
  • We’ve started using a local butcher and green grocer for food, hoping to reduce the carbon footprint of our shopping and cut down of waste food. The butcher was great value for money, the green grocers less so.

Still to do:

  • We are going through the last of our stock from before we decided to go green. Things like washing up liquid and detergent can take a little while to get through.
  • We are looking at buying some reusable sandwich and food bags next month when Mummy returns to work.
  • We are slowly increasing the amount of organic clothing in Gracie’s wardrobe, but as she has been growing quite rapidly we’ve had to buy a few things out of convenience.

Right that’s everything I can think of. We’ll see you all in February.