Back to Work & 20 Week Scan

I went back to work a couple weeks ago, and I’m just exhausted. Mummy went back after 4 months and now after 8 month I’ve gone back part time. The good news is we’ll both be off again soon.

Last week we had our 20 week scan which was exciting. I’m happy to say that everything seems okay with baby Margo. 

This morning we went out to a second-hand baby fair where we got a couple of leggings and grows. It’s good to know that whatever we get Gracie will get a second wear. And I’m always a fan of a bargin.

Later we’re off to a pre-school open day. I’m not sure how I feel about pre-schools so I thought we could check it out, especially as the waiting lists can be a little silly. If you’ve got any thoughts on or experience with pre-schools, let us know below. 

Monday Meal Plan – 19/02/18

Part of being green (and being thrifty) is planning out your meals ahead of time. It saves you money and minimises waste. This week money is a little tight as we are coming off the month with the least parental leave pay.

  • Monday: Chicken and Bacon stuffed pasta – picked this up on offer in Asda, we needed something quick to make as Mummy is coming in late from work.
  • Tuesday: Spicy sausage stuffed pasta – although I don’t like to have the same. E sort of food two days in a row, I’m out at a Christians Against Poverty course (which I’ll write about next week) so again needed easy food.
  • Wednesday: Sausage, apple & parsnip bake – this quick an easy recipe goes perfectly with mustard mash.
  • Thursday: Spinach & Sweet Potato curry – using up the sweet potato that’s in my fridge, these are slow roasted with skins on and they taste amazing. Mostly making this recipe up on the fly but am happy for any excuse to use my skillet.
  • Friday: Harissa beef kebabs with red cabbage & flatbread/tortilla wrap – previously mae this meal for my in laws with lamb, but Mummy isn’t so keen on that meat.
  • Saturday: Homemade beef burgers – quick and easy to make.
  • Sunday: Hoisin Park Choi Rice – first time making this recipe but we both absolutely love pok choi.